Tlo Wines Tasting Room

Visit us for wine tasting, seasonal pairings,
a rotating by the glass menu, and bottles to be enjoyed
at the tasting room or to take home!

1212 18th Street
Bakersfield, Ca 93301

(661) 864-7086

Our hours of service are

Wednesday - Saturday 2-8 pm

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Tlo Wines is a family-owned business, founded in 2008, born out of a fascination and passion for interesting wine.

Tlo (said like "hello") is a Croatian word directly translating to ground, earth, or soil; terroir; the natural elements that enhance a grape’s flavor, especially soil, topography, and climate.

We hand-craft our wines in Paso Robles sourcing from sustainably-farmed Vineyards from throughout the Central Coast and serve our wines in our hometown of Bakersfield.

We honor tradition, striving to create rich, balanced wines in a handmade, boutique style, while paying homage to the land, just as our ancestors did in Croatia. We cherish the fact that a glass of wine shared amongst friends and family has the ability to remind us of what is constant and important: gratitude for life and each other.

We are grateful for your support over the years! We hope we can serve you soon.


The Zaninovich Family

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We'd love to hear from you, and there are lots of ways to get in touch with Tlo!

Reach us at the tasting room at (661) 864-7086.

You can also send us an email at



We think of family and in some cases, it's confined to those around you. Your mother, father, sister, brother... aunt...uncle, maybe. Often, however, we forget that there exists a *chosen* family consisting of friends, friends of friends, passers by we see every day, or the the unexpected yet welcome connection with a fellow human being. Tlo wines has been on my radar for some time now, but on this day, April 10, 2019, after a few failed attempts at having an ordinary night on the town, we strolled into a quiet night (by industry standards) and had one of those memorable, "all-to-myself" experiences. We were welcomed by a new, but warm staff member who helped us feel right at home. One of the co-owners strengthened the bond by drawing connections to how our degrees of separation were closer than expected. Moreso, by allowing us to linger, which, by industry standards, makes you feel like royalty... I realized: this place is one of those places that you always remember fondly. It will come up in conversation with colleagues and you'll shamelessly plug it. It stays in the back of your mind when you're sipping on that 2-buck-chuck from Vons. You drive a little further because you know you'll feel welcome. You'll feel like you're part of the community--the family. (Belated) Congrats on this incredible spot! LOVED the cab. Can't wait for another glass. It's what I needed. Cheers
Mark T. via Yelp

Tlo has the best wine out there! They have low sulfates which doesn't leave for headaches and hangovers like many other brands do. I love that they are local and have a lovely wine tasting room. Also, shout out to Thursday Night Trivia! I went with my best friend and mom during one of their themed evenings and we had such a blast. There had to have been 10 teams of 2-4 people each. We all had the best time. Cannot wait to go back again.
Ashleymarie L. via Yelp

This is a real gem in downtown Bakersfield. It's a cool spot to hang out. The wine in general is very light bodied and easy to drink. That makes it nice for non-wine snobs. If you're into big Paso and Napa reds, you might find it too delicate...until the blazing Bako summer hits. Prices are quite reasonable. The staff is great. Mark is our normal server and he's great at his job and knows the wine well. We joined the club. It's a nice break from the norm in Bako. Check it out!
Eric E. via Yelp

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, this place hidden little gem in Bakersfield. We travel to Paso often but always love the option to hit up TLO every few months since it's in town. The wines are moderately priced and they have a great selection of white and red. We are members and have been going for a few years now.
Patty J. via Yelp